Top YIFY Proxy and Mirror Sites List

By | December 24, 2017

Downloading movies online is a heck though! But with YIFY the scenario is pretty different. This torrent community made 1080p and 720p torrentz available at a fraction (10%-30%) of their actual size. It’s never been hard to pirate movies, but for a long time, one collective has made it easier to watch the latest blockbusters than any other: YIFY. By focusing on speed, better quality rips and small file sizes, the group quickly grew to become the number one source for illegal movies, catering for the needs of millions of content pirates around the world.

For years, torrenteers had it easy, because of some renowned torrent host sites such as Kickass Torrents, Torrentz, and Yify. If you too have been plugged onto the torrent life-support for long, you’d be familiar with all the three. Unfortuately, things have gotten really difficult from the past few years. Because of stringent laws and angry right-holders majority of the torrent biggies has been shut down. Yify is no exception, and no, its definitely not coming back! In fact, even the clone sites are also blocked in many regions. This is also probably why you’re here. But not to worry, solutions are always available and we’re here to help you find the best one.

Remembering YIFY:

In case you’re not very familiar with YIFY (later re-branded to YTS), it was one of the biggest release-groups in the world of digital piracy. Before YIFY, there was aXXo. aXXo was the alias of an individual who specialized in leaking DVD-quality rips of new movies to torrent sites that were nearly always encoded in files under 700MB. There were many imitators, but none could match the speed or breadth of aXXo leaks. When the prolific pirate signed off in 2009, it took YIFY around a year to begin uploading torrents to sites like PublicHD, KickassTorrents, 1337x, The Pirate Bay, and ExtraTorrent. Even today, if you log onto any major torrent website, you’ll find that the highest quality files are those uploaded by YIFY. No other uploader has enjoyed that kind of preeminence ever since YIFY went down. It sure did leave all the movie buffs/YIFY devotees feeling devastated.

Why and How Did YIFY Meet Its End?

After ruling quite a long in the torrent world, YIFY/YTS was unexpectedly closed down few years back. According to the New Zealand Herald, YIFY’s unnamed owner was served with a multi-million dollar lawsuit on October 12th, which was subsequently settled out of court. With 3.4 million unique visitors and 43 million views on the YTS website in August alone, YIFY has become the biggest piracy bust in New Zealand’s history. Much shockingly, this suit wasn’t conveyed to the court. Or maybe, the two sides settled the dispute privately. Unfortunately, the identity of Yify’s founder was in the long run uncovered and the site was shut down because of legal pressure.

What are Proxy and Mirror Sites:

In the wake of the aforementioned action, YIFY fans and webmasters developed new websites which act as mirror or clone sites, appearing to be extremely identical to the original site, i.e. So far, a site called has been the most successful, amassing thousands of visitors on a daily basis. Although this site claims to have been created by the original YIFY team, YIFY’s former operators have denied having any association with the existing mirror or proxy sites.

For the fresh fellas who don’t know much about proxy sites, these websites runs on a different server, thereby hiding your IP address and allowing access to blocked sites in your region. Mirror sites on the other hand are those which contain contents from the original site, with a similar design, interface, and functionality.

What Are the Best YIFY Proxy & Mirror Sites That Are Currently Active?

Yify Proxy/Mirror

Speed Very Fast Very Fast Very Fast Fast Fast Fast Normal Very Fast Very Fast Normal Very Fast
YTS Proxy Server Slow
YIFY Movies Proxy Slow
YIFY Torrent Proxy Normal
YTS Movies Proxy Slow

Other Reliable Torrent Site Alternatives:

In case you’re feeling uncertain about using proxy or mirror sites due to their duplicate nature, you can also use torrent websites which are still running. Some of the most popular ones are The Pirate Bay, RARBG, 1337X, Demonoid, and YourBitorrent. These are genuine and still have files uploaded by YIFY, albeit, a little older. However, there are some new uploaders who regularly upload good quality torrent files.

At the End:

We hope that our list of proxy and mirror sites effectively satisfies your demand for watching movies, the YIFY way. In case we’ve missed any of the proxy/mirror sites you love, let us know in the comment section below. Let’s help our pirates mates in every way possible. But, be safe!

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