How to Download Content from Netflix?

By | December 24, 2017

Downloading content from Netflix is not a heck nowadays and is a super easy way to save on your smartphone data plan on the go. Netflix now lets you download shows and movies using the Netflix app. So, you can watch movies and shows when you’re without an internet connection. Netflix made this feature more better by letting users save downloaded movies and shows in their SD cards. For a movie aficionado, yes it’s like a birthday present.

Whether you’re an Android user or ios companion, you can download Movies and TV Shows from Netflix App on the go and save it in your smartphone. As per the update, the new feature works on Android devices running Android 4.4.2 and up, as well as iOS 9.0 or later. Let’s find out what are the requirements to enjoy downloaded content from Netflix.

Requirements for Downloading Content on Netflix –

We have mentioned four important requirements that needs to be fulfilled in order to Download Movies and TV Shows from Netflix App.

  1. A Supportive Device (Smartphone or Tablet): The smartphone you’re using or the tablet you have at your place is perfectly fit to download movies and TV shows from Netflix. We have mentioned the Android and ios version above who will be getting the update, don’t forget to cross check it. Desktop having windows 10 can be your alternate for this too as of now, there are limited devices and platforms which supports this but for sure Netflix will expand the list in future. 
  2. Netflix App: As Netflix’s downloading feature is only available on their app, and not on the website. Which means that we’ll be needing to install the app first on the device. Just visit your App store and download the Netflix App or if you already have installed the app, make sure to check that it is updated to the latest version or not.
  3. Netflix Membership: This is what you already know but if you don’t have a Netflix account, you can log onto their official website (don’t forget to check their service availability in your country) and choose the plan which suits you and move ahead for registering an account by entering your email address, password, and payment details. This is it! You’re now a Netflix subscriber!
  4. Enough Space: As you already know that movies and TV series takes up huge amount of space. A movie downloaded in Normal Quality can take up to 500 MB of storage on the other side for High Quality it would consume around 750 MB. Although it varies from as per their length. Whereas TV shows are concerned, a single 50-minute-long episode can cost you 200 MB in Standard Definition and close to 315 MB in High Definition. Buy an external storage or get ready to clean up some space on your device before you start downloading movies and TV Series from Netflix.

How to Download Movies and TV Shows from Netflix? 

Coming to the crux of this article, here’s a fairly comprehensive guide on downloading a movie or a TV show using the Netflix app:

  1. Look for the Download-able content: The company hasn’t made every content download-able but still Netflix is having a good stock filled with movies and TV shows. If you’re looking for a specific title, simply key it in using the search bar. If it is available for download, you’ll see a small download icon (a downward arrow) next to the “share” button, under the plot brief. Can’t see it? That means that the selected content cannot be downloaded and has to be streamed only. For a smoother experience, Netflix has created a separate category called “Available for Download” which you can find by tapping the hamburger-style menu icon on the top-left corner, under the “Home” tab. It’ll pull up a page with all the movies and series that can be downloaded. We’ll come to that in just a bit.
  2. Tap the Download Icon: Once you have taken your pick, simply tap the download icon as described above. It’ll begin downloading immediately and pop-up a progress bar right at the bottom, showing you how much of the title has been downloaded. In our experience, it took literally less than two minutes to download an hour-long episode of Breaking Bad. A movie might take several minutes longer. This is still faster than most torrent clients which may take up to an hour to download one movie, at about the same speed.
  3. Watching a Downloaded Title: Once it has finished downloading the title, it’ll display a “Download Complete” message on the progress bar. You can either tap on it to play the title right then, or head over to the “My Downloads” section under the main menu for enjoying it at a later time. Aside from the most recently downloaded title, it’ll show you all the past downloads if applicable. Note that for watching a TV series, you’ll have to first tap on the series and then choose the episode. 

How to Select the Download Video Resolution?

Netflix offers two video qualities in which to download a title –

  • Standard: This is a lower resolution but downloads content faster and is good enough for small devices such as handsets.
  • Higher: This downloads titles in up to 1080p/HD quality and is better for larger screened devices such as tablets and computers. But obviously, it is much slower as far as download speed is concerned.

You can choose either of them, depending upon which device you’re using and how much space you have left in your device. As mentioned earlier, videos in HD quality take up significantly larger amounts of space.

In order to select the video quality, simply tap on the menu and click on “App Settings”. Then, tap the “Downloads” tab and adjust the video quality. Note that if you have an Android device that is incapable of playing videos in HD, you may not have the option of setting the video quality to Higher.

What Titles Are Available for Download? 

If you’re a fan of Netflix Originals, you’re in luck because all the Netflix Original titles (movies and TV series) are available for downloading. Some of the most popular ones include Orange is the New Black, Black Mirror, House of Cards, Okja, Stranger Things, Sense8, Mascots, and Narcos. Other non-Netflix produced TV series available are Vikings, Breaking Bad, Riverdale, Gotham, Bates Motel, and Suits. You can even download big-banner films such as Ted 2, The Boy, Minions, Jurassic World, Lucy, Lord of the Rings, Fast and Furious, and Now You See Me. There are plenty more but obviously, they all cannot be listed here so go check out the “Available for Download” catalogue, now!

Is There a Way to Download Other Titles? 

Despite offering a great selection, regular entertainment watchers may often feel disappointed when a title doesn’t display the download icon underneath. What does one do then? Well, there’s a way to get around this limitation. All you have to do is download and install a third-party screen recording/capture app on your device, launch it and have Netflix opened in your browser. Make sure that you select the “Full Screen” option in order to capture the whole video.

You can choose from both, free and paid apps. Some of the most well-known android apps are AZ Screen Recorder, Mobizen, and SCR Screen Recorder. The most popular ones for iOS include Airshou, Vidyo, and BB Recorder. If you’re using a Windows computer, you can get the CamStudio. You can even record on your computer and transfer the file to your handsets later.

One major drawback is that you’ll need to play the title from beginning till the end, without pausing, for it to record properly. Also, this method is not a legit one, so do it at your own risk!

How to Delete Downloaded Titles? 

As you might be aware, movies and TV shows eat up a lot of space so once you’re done watching them, its best to free up your space by deleting some or all of the downloaded titles. Here’s how:

  • Deleting a Specific Title: Go to “Menu” and tap “My Downloads”. Then, select “Edit” from the upper-right corner and hit the delete button to get rid of it. Note that Netflix does not prompt a confirmation box before deleting a title so take your time and do it.
  • Deleting All the Titles: Choose “App Settings” from the menu located at the upper-left corner of the app screen. Tap “Delete all Downloads”. It’ll show a confirmation screen. Select “Delete” and that’s it; it’ll all be gone.

The Big Caveat:

As with any service/feature, the Netflix download feature too comes with its own set of drawbacks. The most important one to remember is that if Netflix removes a particular title from its library, it will cease to appear under “My Downloads”. Note that you cannot export downloaded content to external storage such as Hard Drives.


For the times when you don’t have an access to the internet or simply don’t wish to use data, the download feature on Netflix serves as the perfect solution. Moreover, if you face any issue related to streaming, then you can contact their support. If you have 1-2 hours to kill on an aircraft or at a hotel room, watching a downloaded movie/TV show is the best way to avoid boredom. Even when you have some free time to spare at your workplace, watching downloaded content on Netflix is the best way to go, without your boss yelling at you for consuming extra data. However, remember to plan this in advance and download titles beforehand as you’ll still need the internet for that.

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